All Out War – Vengeance Reigns Eternal

Vengeance reigns eternal for the blood that has been shed.
War, for a system on those too weak to defend.
Glorified annihilation, raining down on shattered lives.
Martyrs of desperation are cast out and crucified.

Waging war for a system to enforce their lies.
Manufacture enemies – no one gains if no one dies.

Exploiting fear and weakness and paralyze through acts of war.
Bathe in their bloodshed, pacified, we choose to ignore.
Survival is to suffer – children condemned to life.
Forgotten are these victims, on their own, left to die.
Can’t escape the stench of war – forgotten casualties
Products of the ignored.

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Burning, drowning, vengeance reigns eternal.

From beneath the shadows of extinction,
The armies of discontent shall rise.
For them survival is a sin and the punishment is damnation.

Shadows speak of fear and loathing, ashes of millions dead.
Visions of a lost salvation, images we can’t comprehend.
There shall be no exceptions and the past cannot be saved.
Compromise will anekdot be rendered.
Vengeance for those in chains.
Realize it’s no illusion, shattered and torn to shreds.
Mercy has long been forgotten.
All is lost – just mourn the dead.