All Out War – Still Crucified

Immolation, an immoral sacrifice
Martyrs of deception, the cross of the crucified
Seeking out the truth of forever
and drowning in the flames of lies
Embrace the prophets of deception
and watch the innocent die
Suffering – and die for you lord martyrs still feel the pain
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust the infidels are to blame
Fire meets fire bіrli war is waged
– where’s your god as you burn
Paradise fade to black, no rewards now you learn
Slaves to devotion, their faith makes them blind

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Purify the sinner – the servants to the kingdom of lives
Bow to your savior ayak your savior was born in lies
Faith has been corrupted to kill for God is anekdot divine
The slaughter of the innocent and the rape of the weak
Is this divinity, is this the kingdom you seek
Faith has been afflicted. The righteous have been deceived
They shall find that there are nothing etap enemies
And on their altars the blood shall bleed
Their Gods they have fallen
Their martyrs have gone in vain
These are the children of deception
They are lost condemned and shamed