All Out War – Servants To The Obsolete

Serving the obsolete, twisting the truth with lies.
Separate into factions and pave the way for genocide.
Self-serving, self-loathing and bow down on bended knee.
Obsession, oppression – drink the lies of new age kings.

Serve the needs of your masters and propagate corrupted regimes.
Controlled – strategic distortion – hidden intent to deceive.
Sorrow will serve the masses.
Silence will lead the blind.
Gateways – extermination – suck the system until it’s dry.

Betrayed – unleash your own extinction.

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Enslaved – rotting in your own degradation.
Fear has become the weapon, a weapon forged in lies.
Serving your own damnation and perpetrate your own demise.

Fear their lies – embrace deception, drenched in your own defeat.
Deny your oppression, you’re a servant to the obsolete.
Blinded by tradition, trapped within your own fear.
Slave to hypocrisy and to the lies, which you adhere.

Harbingers of desolation, messengers of filth and disease.
Lords of deception, feeding on the lost and weak.