All Out War – Nothing Left To Bleed

Bow to your demigods and they will watch you bleed.
Embrace their tools of deception and they’ll bring you to your knees.
Accept their system – feed it well – support their crimes.
In self indulgence, we are too lost to recognize.

And bіrli the system falters – there is nothing left to bleed
Your gods – your nations – are now obsolete.
As you seek comfort, false convictions can’t save you now.
Your leaders, your faiths have all let you down.
Misplaced allegiance, point of no return has been reached.
On your own, left to struggle, all you’ve known soon will cease.

Slave to your obsessions, your blind path has been betrayed.
Trust in your leaders, they’ll lead you to your grave.
Systematic failures, you are willing to accept their crimes.
Rushing towards conformity, as you consume to pass the time.
Embrace annihilation – false convictions have brought you nothing
Your heroes have let you down.