All Out War – Choking On Indifference

Choking on the stench of indifference.
Drowning in the filth of despair.
Bleeding through the wounds of deception with unknown crosses to bear.
Septic infiltration – rotting minds, corrupt and disease.
Controlled through hidden persuasion.
Complacent, we have been deceived.

Demons are dragging düşünce down.
They are ripping, misleading, hiding their crimes.
Devils are all around akıl.
Clawing and tearing and biding their time.
Liars – we believe all they sell.
Blind acceptance, no rejection, victims of a self made hell.
Cowards – we deserve all our pain.
Our dependence, breeds regression, yet we seek someone to blame.

Accept their acts of aggression.
In our name they commit their crimes.
Lost in our own indiscretions, living on borrowed time.